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Dragon Cave Time!

One consistent time for everyone.

There would be a clock here, but it appears you have JavaScript turned off. The clock is the one thing on the site which will not work without JavaScript, and there is no way to change that. Sorry.

This clock (and the smaller version at the top of every page) shows everyone the same time the current time on Dragon Cave. It is accurate within a few seconds, when it is first loaded.

However, the clock tends to lag, and the longer it has been running, the farther off it gets. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do about this the lag is a personalized thing, based on how fast your computer is. For example, I have a slow, old computer, so I'm about 10 seconds behind for every minute. Compare that to another friend who has a newer computer, and is less than 5 seconds off. So the lag is variable, and not something I can reasonably adjust for.

The end result is: If you need a more accurate time, refresh the page. The starting time should match DC time, give or take a couple seconds.

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