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Extra Goodies!

Looking for something special? I might not be able to do everything, but I'm open to suggestions!

General Topics

Inbred CheckerUpdated!
An Inbred Checker makes it easy to check a dragon's lineage for inbreeding.
It is also possible to compare multiple dragons' lineages to see if their potential offspring will be inbred.
Lineage ViewerUpdated!
The Lineage Viewer and Generation Counter provides an easy way to view lineages.
There is also an option to test potential pairings, and if desired, the total number of generations can be counted, or inbreeding can be highlighted.
Action Trackers
The Action Trackers allow you to see how long it will be until action cooldowns end.
Record each use of an action/BSA, and you'll know when you used them and when they can be used again. Available dragons are also listed on top for easy access.
Scroll Statistics
Check your Scroll Statistics to see how many dragons you have.
There are also sections for gender and lineage breakdowns, record-setting dragons, and much more!
Scroll Banners
Personalized Scroll Banners can be used in signatures, as profile pictures, and more. Available in several different formats, they display basic scroll statistics and the current scroll-lock status.
To include your previously-generated color schemes in the color palette, submit your scroll name here:
Scroll name:
Breeding Chart
The Breeding Chart .xls file is a pre-made Excel spreadsheet for tracking dragons.
It can be used to list all your dragons, to record breeding results, and much more. Save the file to your computer, then edit it as much as you wish. If you don't have Excel, you can also upload it to Google Docs to use it.
Coming soon!

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Neglected Topics

Time of Death Tutorial
Use the Time of Death tutorial to learn how to find the ToD for your upcoming experiment.
You can even do it without math, if you use analog clocks.
ND-only ARs
The ND-only AR page is a reduced-lag way to view-bomb severely ER dragons.
No additional dragons are loaded, and you can auto-refresh 1-5 dragons at a time, in 1-5 boxes, to pile on the views in a single browser tab. Only dragons with 2 hours or less will be accepted.
Delayed ARing
Code:   ARs:   Delay: (in minutes) 
The delayed ARs allow you to help with experiments, even if you have to leave just before they start.
Enter the dragon's code (2 hours or less), select how many boxes you want to be set up, select the remaining time until it's unfogged, and the dragon will automatically start refreshing on the ND-only page once the unfog time has arrived. If you are unsure of the unfog time, guess a higher time. If you need to submit a second code and it won't let you, refresh this page and try again. (Opens in a new window.)
Unfog Alarm
Set an unfog alarm to make sure you unfog your experiment on time.
It can also be used as a reminder for other experiments and events. (Opens in a new window.)
Connect with Other Experimenters
Visit NDWorld (alternate link), an IRC chatroom, to exchange tips and ideas or get help with planning and running your experiments. (Opens in a new window.)
If you use an external client, you should set up with these details:
Coming soon!

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